Welcome and thank you for visiting KWC's website. KWC is run by Kim Walsh, a Chartered Fellow of the Institute of Personnel and Development who has over 25 years people development and HR experience.


A holistic approach to developing your unique Company Culture and your People


Passion: Kim’s passion lies in helping organisations to obtain the best from their people.  KWC takes a holistic approach  to organisational development from diagnosis to recommending solutions through to design and implementation. Click here to find out more about Kim. 

Belief:  Change starts from the top : Visible Approachable Leadership

Kim has long held the belief that great leaders are both Visible and Approachable and KWC’s mission is to help aspiring current and future leaders map out and navigate their journey along the Leadership Road.

Contact: To find out how KWC can help you obtain the best from your people, please contact us via

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